How much energy does it take to bring a glass of water to your tap?


Hop on. Pedal. Find out.

The Pedal Project is a bicycle powered water pump that shows how much energy it takes to bring one glass of water from our water source to our taps.

Havwits wants to help teachers, educators and administrators – expand on and amplify the best stories about the environment and our power to protect it!



Through practical, engaging, fun field trips - that teach EMBODIED SUSTAINABILITY for the whole school ... at school.

Havwits believes that EMBODIED SUSTAINABILITY builds:

  • energy-water literacy & conservation,

  • a 'provider/resilience' orientation around household water, energy,and food

  • our surprising power to tackle climate change, and protect the gifts of nature at home and at school -

one small step at a time

through fun, lively hands-on exhibits and strategic games that welcome all students.


The Pedal Project shifts us from:


  • passive ‘consumers’ to active, engaged ‘providers’

  • helpless observers of the world around us to empowered, effective agents of change

For details and rates, please contact:

Belinda Cole at info@thepedalproject.ca.

Where does your glass of water come from?

How many glasses of water do you use to brush your teeth? 

How many glasses of water do you use in an 8 minute shower?

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