For businesses

At Havwits, we believe that the best team-building, leadership and corporate events build EMBODIED SUSTAINABILITY:

  • direct, experiential connection with corporate sustainability goals, and an increase in water/energy/climate change literacy

as people gather together in relaxing, engaging, productive fun.  

For organizations and householders


Havwits believes that EMBODIED SUSTAINABILITY  grows energy-water literacy, conservation, and a 'provider/resilience' orientation around household energy and water - through fun, lively hands-on exhibits and strategic games. 

We've worked since 2011 to create hands-on projects and strategic games to re-connect businesses and householders with the glass of water and the water/energy nexus that sustain us all.  The Pedal Project -  the centrepiece of our strategic games and programming -  is a bicycle powered water pump that people hop on to experience the energy it takes to bring one glass of water from our water source to our taps.


We're strategic designers who create from our love of the earth and gratitude for the water, energy and food she provides each day.


A social enterprise, we:

• offer unique, entertaining and practical exhibits and programming for corporate and organizational events, team-building and leadership sessions

• design interactive and outreach exhibits, strategic games and programming for businesses, festivals and organizations

• consult on exhibit, games and program design and development for businesses, organizations, and museums

• rent and sell interactive exhibits

These principles guide us:


  • respect and celebration of people and the planet

  • best efforts to operate within the circular economy - through reuse, sharing, repair, refurbishment, re-manufacturing and recycling to create a closed-loop system, minimizing the use of resource inputs and the creation of waste, pollution and carbon emissions

  • a commitment to honour and give back to the sources that sustain us through re-investment of a minimum of 51% of our profits back into the business - to protect the watersheds that provide our glass(es) of water

For details and rates, please contact:

Belinda Cole at

Can you pedal the glasses of water you use in a day?

How many glasses of water do you use in an 8 minute shower?

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