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Havwits believes that householders can grow energy-water literacy, conservation, and a 'provider/resilience' orientation around household energy and water through fun, lively hands-on exhibits and strategic games. 


We're strategic designers who create from our love of the earth and gratitude for the water, energy and food she provides each day.


Our interactive exhibits, strategic games and unique events re-connect people with their household water and energy and offer simple, practical skills to prepare for - and respond to - severe weather events - while they're having fun and relaxing with family, friends, neighbours and business colleagues.


A social enterprise, we:

• design interactive museum and outreach exhibits, strategic games and programming for all ages

• rent and sell interactive exhibits

• provide project/program strategic games development and delivery  

• consult on exhibit, games and program design and development for museums, organizations, and businesses

• rent unique, entertaining and practical exhibits and programming for corporate and government events, meetings and team-building sessions

These principles guide us:

  • a respect and celebration of people and the planet

  • husbandry (no, no dating sites... rather, we try to make the best possible use of what we already have by re-using and re-purposing materials)

  • we do our best to understand how our business choices (transportation, exhibit fabrication, etc.) affect the earth, water, air and people

  • we honour and give back to the sources that sustain us through our commitment to re-invest a minimum of 51% of our profits back into the business - to further our purpose and mandate of protecting the watersheds that give us the gift of our glass(es) of water


For rental and purchase inquiries, please contact:

Belinda Cole at info@thepedalproject.ca

Can you pedal the glasses of water you drink in a day?

How many glasses of water do you use in an 8 minute shower?