The drawings for our newest, commercial exhibit, A Glass of Water, are ready!  Visitors connect with the energy it takes to pedal the water it takes to flush their toilet, fill their cooking pot, or take even a 1 minute shower!

Contact us:


  • to buy the A Glass of Water Concept Design and drawings - and build it yourself

  • to rent or buy the "A Glass of Water" exhibit (includes the concept licence)

1.  We provide  Design and Concept Licence.  You tell us about your space, priorities, and local water context. We adapt The  Pedal Project to tell your water story, with a design that fits your exhibit space. 


2. Then, choose your fabrication option:


  1. You fabricate your own permanent and/or travelling Pedal Project  or

  2. We fabricate The Pedal Project for you.

Please contact Belinda Cole at info@thepedalproject.ca.

How much energy

does it take to

bring one glass of

water to your tap?

How many glasses of water do you use in an 8 minute shower?

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