We design exhibits that re-connect visitors to the water, energy and watersheds they rely on every day.  And, build household water/energy literacy and resilience in the face of severe weather challenges.


The drawings for our newest, commercial exhibit, A Glass of Water, are ready!  Visitors connect with the energy it takes to pedal the water it takes to flush their toilet, fill their cooking pot, or take even a 1 minute shower!

Let's work together to custom design A Glass of Water.

Or, let's talk about other interactive water/energy/food exhibits for your organization.


A gallery of hands-on, fun, engaging exhibits invite us to reconnect with - and become citizens of - our watershed. 

What - and where - is our watershed?


How does our glass of water, its journey to us, and the amount of water we use each day affect it?

Who gets their glass of water from a tap, and who doesn't? 


How does what we buy, use, eat, throw away or flush down the drain, and the energy we use to power our cell-phone and surf the net - affect our - or someone else's glass of water?


Who are our watershed neighbours? What other people and species rely on it? What protects - and what threatens it?


How does the care of our watershed affect our own household and community based resilience to climate change (flooding, drought and extreme weather)? 

Connect your visitors to the science behind:

  • weather-proofing through engineering and design

  • rivershed life and how we replenish our local rivers, lakes and streams

  • kinetic energy

  • the water/energy/food nexus

Contact Belinda Cole at info@thepedalproject.ca

Can you pedal the glasses of water you drink in a day?

How many glasses of water do you use in an 8 minute shower?

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